Qu'il me parle tout bas

Antwerp, belgium

To feel the LA DOLCE VITA vibe and glow all over Belgium tells a story about the couple you are having in front of the lens.

Sarah and Alexander are the word 'charisma' itself and didn't have to do anything besides staying who they are to give this real wedding a glam vibe I can't even describe.

For their civil wedding on Thursday, they popped champagne on the market square in their city, Antwerp. On Saturday, they gathered together with family and friends in a glamourous castle in Brasschaat where they held their ceremony, followed up by apéro for all, dinner and speeches and a party all night long accompanied by Alex's favourite, sneaky vodka shots for everyone. Sarah - I'm sorry Alex but you know it's true - was stealing the show with her fabulous feel for fashion. The civil dress was self-made the week before and the Galia Lahav wedding dress doesn't need an explanation + a separate party dress is all we need. Apart from the styling, her smile brought everyone who was attending the wedding across the universe. Sarah's girlfriends played a big role in the REAL AMORE and made me think of this perfect sex and the city squat who'll stay friends for the rest of their lives, drinking margaritas on their terraces each month. I thank these two for being able to capture their best days on camera. You are the AMORE itself.


18TH OF AUGUST, 2022


20TH OF AUGUST, 2022