I like giant trees - the moon - living a simple life - driving during sunrise/sunset - Guus - Tiebe - reading in a hammock - my green van - mountains and hills as well - running in an unknown area and get lost every time again - gymnastics in my hometown - empty tiny streets - loud and crazy Asian streets - Italian markets in the morning - food - lot's of food - any kind of food - Moody the cat with mood swings

My favorite thing to do in the world is going out on my own, being in territory unknown full of new people, new cultures, where no one notices me and I slowly but full of life enthusiasm wander around the streets with a camera in my hand. Slow travel, slow journalism, slow photography. Storytelling, but instead of words, I use images. Detailed images that makes you feel something, that make you think. I don't like to call myself a wedding photographer, because I capture love in any kind of way. This can be the birth of your second born, a shoot of you and your husband to be, a family altogether, love on the day of a funeral.

What to expect?

No posing.

I won't tell you to take a pose and stand a little bit to the left, I won't tell you to smile when you're not feeling it. I want you to do your thing and let the moment take us wherever it's meant to be. I want you to walk, talk, laugh when you really mean it. I want you to have fun, feel free to roll on the ground, jump in the air, kiss each other all the way; without really noticing me, or just feel very comfortable when having me around.

An invisible help.

I got this from a lovely couple I could follow during there big day. They said I'm the invisible hand everyone needs during their wedding day. I am there all day long, early in the morning untill late after midnight. Before and during the day, I am one of the people you share every detail of your big day with. Therefore it is impossible for me not to help you throughout the process. This could be up in front, during the day and after. We can discuss the planning and I can be the one that makes people sit on there chair when they have to. I am invisible, but I will absolutely use my voice when the time is right.


I want to create photos you can show to your children and grandchildren. Therefore, it takes time. The process of editing photos is for me a way of expressing the feeling of the moment I captured. I create during taking photos, but also during editing. The aftermath is of very high importance to me. Furthermore, I won't go until my story's finished. Because the story itself is the ultimate goal of a photographer. I value everything within that, the story, the process, the aftermat and the finish in touch. Of course you'll receive a preview, don't worry.