April, 2022

A weekend filled with laughter, friendship, love and lots of wine.

Robin and Karel celebrated their pre-wedding 50 miles from Cape Town with their best family and friends.

Saturday morning kicked off slowly at the pool while others went hiking in the surrounding hills.

After a morning in the sun, everyone started prepping food for a long and cosy braai night while others were taking a shower and putting on their fancy clothes.

"A braai takes all the time it needs" reminded Karel us several times. This was a serious task that would last the whole evening.

An amazing intimate dinner followed at midnight, accompanied by laughter and some tears because of the speeches given. When every belly was filled with the most heavenly roosterkoek, a spontaneous karaoke popped up in the living room. Freddie Mercury taking the lead. The weekend ended with a leftover Sunday brunch looking out over the green and blue horizon. Nothing more, nothing less. And the pink South African sky reminded us of how perfect it was.