How long have you been a photographer?

5 years and counting! I've started very slow and quiet, while studying journalism at KULeuven, doing nightshifts in the local bar around the corner and working dayshifts in the coffeeshop next to the cultural centre of our village. Since 2018, one year after graduating university and one year abroad in South Africa and Cambodia, I am a fulltime lifestyle and wedding photographer. I'm a campaigner at heart and I like to stay busy. Same same is boring to me but that's exactly why I'm a photographer at heart. No project is the same.

Where are you based?

At the moment I'm based in a yurt in a small town in Antwerp, Belgium. During the year I'm roaming around in my home on wheels. The reason why I'm focussing on travelers is because I'm constantly on the road. So we can meet wherever you want. You can come to me and make a trip out of it or I can come to you.

How many weddings do you take per year?

It depends! Normally I take in 20 weddings per year. Because of the Covid crisis I'm taking in more weddings than usual in 2022.

Do you give RAW images?

Nope. I believe couples come to me for a reason. If you like the way I edit my photos, you won't need unedited, raw images. And the editing is the biggest part of a photographer's process, so nope. No raw images.

Do you only edit in black and white?

I don't only edit in black and white. I like black and white photography, but in the end you'll receive coloured photos and black and white. Only if the photo is really good in black and white, but there's no vibe in colour, you'll receive the black and white one only. In general, your final gallery consists out of coloured and black and white images.

Do you make family portraits during a wedding?

Yes I do. I'll raise my voice and make you dance and laugh with 250 people if you like.

How many photos will we get?

Each collection has a different amount of images included. I always put down a minimum of images in our arrangement and most of the time you'll receive more.

What if it rains?

We'll embrace it! I'm not the kind of photographer who only shoots in golden hour. I do love golden hour, but I'm also a fan of going with the flow. Documenting your story is about the setting too, about the mood and the feeling of the moment. If it rains, let us dance in the rain instead of hiding inside. It will add extra value to the end result, believe me. If the weather's so bad my gear will break and your wedding dress will be totally ruined ok we can discuss a different date for shooting.

Do you help with the planning process?

I do. Wether it's your wedding, you want to take a trip and come to me to shoot together, you're going to ask your girlfriend the big question. I'll always be there for you when it comes to planning. Actually, I have a a thing with planning exciting moments. As a photographer I'm digging deep to find all connections between the two of you. Helping you making that particular moment as personal as possible is part of the process for me.

What do we wear?

Depends on where we're going. We'll discuss this during our first online meeting! No worries, you can where whatever you want. This is about you!

Do you give discount?

I don't. Been there, done that.