I might be doing things differently.

I'm a photographer and journalist at heart.

No constant posing when you're in front of me.

I want to capture the real story.


My goal is to make you feel as safe as possible. That's why there has to be a match. I would rather like you to go to another photographer if you don't like my way of working. We have to feel it and you have to be you and I have to be me. Completely.

Because you know what?

Life's too short to fake.


I want to feel it! You are not just a random couple. You came to me because you like my style, my personality, my way of working. That means something. It means we have a lot in common and I am there for you. Not just for shooting, but the whole process.


Do you like to take things differently but you're not sure you can?

Of course you can. This is about you.

About your wedding, your moment of making memories. This is not about your mom or mother-in-law. Of course you can break the day in two and have the civil wedding another moment. Of course you can combine a citytrip with a shoot. Of course you can have take-out pizza as dinner. Of course you can only invite your best friends.


If you're doubting, plz come to me.

I'll explain in detail why you can do everything you want.


Do you want to spent more money on flowers, food or your wedding dress? That is absolutely your own choice. Of course you have a specific budget in mind. I even recommend taking three big key points out that are most important to you. Remember this, your wedding photos are the only thing that'll survive your glorious day. I hear one story every time again: 'Friends of ours have chosen for a cheaper photographer and they were so disappointed.' Take into account that your memories can be captured only once. A photographer is your friend along the way and adds much more value to you wedding day just because these images will last for life and can be passed on to your children and grandchildren. Don't ever take that for granted.